Snack Video Best short video App: app founder and company Details

Snack Video Best short video App: app founder and company Details

Since the Tiktok came into the limelight, there has been a great popularity about short videos among everyone. The short video apps became a hit in India as well since then, particularly among the youngsters. With the arrival of TikTok, the craze of short videos came into the picture. It was available for download on both Android and iOS platforms which made it even easier for the users to share their preferred videos among others. This easy accessibility made it gain all the popularity amongst the users in India. Besides, the creators flocked to this platform by uploading lip-sync and small acts videos which were funnier and one could have fun passing it out to others. 

However, since the Tiktok got banned in India, there was a hustle-bustle among the users, and everyone started thinking of other ways to continue this source of entertainment. Well, to make sure that the fun sustains, the developers came up with yet another application. Yeah, today we are going to talk about Is Snack Video app. There has been a lot of curiosity all around regarding this app since its advent in the entertainment industry. 

As a ban was imposed on TikTok due to its Chinese-roots. Consequently, it opened up doorways for different other similar apps. Snack Video is one of the best short video apps that has been bringing the same features as TikTok has brought to India. But there has been a question prevailing in the minds of the users regarding the safety of this new app. Let us find it out:

What Is a Snack Video App and Is It Chinese?

The Snack Video app, as mentioned earlier is basically a platform where the users can upload and watch short entertainment videos. It is available for easy download on the Google Play Store. The app is quite popular in the industry. The functionality of the application is pretty similar to other new short video apps. Thus, it has risen to fame in a really short span. The app has got a rating of 4.3 stars and will consume around 41.91MB in size during installation.

Origin of Is Snack Video app

This app was launched by Kuaishou Technology earlier this year itself. The company has got Chinese roots and has a Tencent-backed branch. The company announced Snack Video as a global rival to that of ByteDance-Owned TikTok. Whatsoever, your source of entertainment is no longer blocked with the ban of Tiktok as this application offers you the provision to keep sharing your favorite video contents without any trouble. 

Is It Safe To Use?

This app has got a Chinese-origin. However, it did not get itself enlisted to the list of banned Chinese apps that was issued by the Indian government. The Snack Video app is currently available to download. It has been running with full swing. As this Snack Video app has not come under the unsafe radar, you can use it without any stress. Well, make sure that you read all the permissions before agreeing to the terms and conditions while installing it.

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