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Smart Reasons Why You Must Own A Reusable Coffee Cup

Australia is one of the most laid-back countries in the world. The citizens have the advantage of living in a land filled with numerous natural attractions. Beach loving individuals have access to over 10,000 beaches, including the iconic Bondi Beach in New South Wales and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Hikers, on the other hand, can enjoy walking around the challenging Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory or Tasmania’s Overland Track. 

If they want a more relaxing way to spend their time, Australians can choose to sit back and enjoy their favourite cup of coffee. The country has a unique coffee culture that is influenced by its large Italian immigrant population. As of 2019, more than 20,000 coffee shops are operating in the country. 

Since Australians take their coffee seriously, it is very common to see people walking with reusable coffee cups in Australia. They take it anywhere they go, especially if they are on a hunt to find the best cafes in their neighbourhood. 

If you are in Australia and have yet to get a reusable coffee cup, here are several reasons why you need to shop for one before your next coffee session. 


Reason #1: Reduces Waste

One of the biggest and most important reasons why owning reusable coffee cups in Australia is a must is to protect the environment. According to surveys, approximately 23% of all coffees bought from cafes were ordered to go

If people always use disposable coffee cups for their orders, it will cause a pile-up of disposable cup wastes in the landfills. But if they will bring a reusable cup, they will reduce the accumulation of wastes significantly.  


Reason #2: Saves Resources

Most cardboard coffee cups are made using non-recyclable materials. It is usually designed using a thin edge of cardboard that can hold the hot liquid inside the cup. To comply with the country’s strict health and safety regulations, all cups must be made using brand-new cardboard materials. 

Because of this, over 100,000 trees must be put down to make brand-new cardboards every year. If you choose to bring your own reusable coffee cup, you will help save a lot of trees from being chopped.  


Reason #3: Saves Money

Major coffee chains in Australia and other parts of the world encourage their customers to help save trees through their Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) initiatives. This project usually offers a discount to anyone who will choose to use a reusable coffee cup instead of the usual disposable cups. 

Aside from reducing wastes and saving natural resources, it will also shave off a significant amount from your purchase if you carry a cup with you anywhere you go. 


Reason #4: Keeps Coffee Warm

Unless you ordered an iced coffee, you would not want to drink a lukewarm coffee. Fortunately, most reusable coffee cups come with lids and durable insulation to keep your coffee hot all the time. 


This feature will come in handy, especially during the cold winter months or if you need to spend time inside an airconditioned room.  


Aside from these reasons, owning a reusable coffee cup could be the most stylish and healthiest way to drink a cup of joe. Disposable plastic lids may contain harmful BPA, which could contaminate your hot drink. But using reusable cups will protect you from toxic chemicals that could cause plenty of health risk. So head to your favourite stores to get a reusable coffee cup as soon as possible. 

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