Should You Feed High Calorie Dog Food To Underweight Dogs?

Your vet can tell you what should be the right weight for your dog, but some of the signs and symptoms of underweight dogs are so visible that you need not consult your vet to know about it. If your dog is skinny and the shoulders, ribs, and hips seem to be jutting out from the body, it shows that your dog is in poor health. While this is an extreme example of underweight dogs, there are some other signs, too, like your dog suffers from depression or demonstrates poor eating habits. Another sign is reduced energy level, as your dog might like to lie down at the slightest pretext.  While these signs might not indicate that your dog is underweight, which only your vet can confirm, the first sign leaves no room for doubt.

If your dog is underweight, then you should take some measures to keep your dog healthy by helping it gain weight. However, you must be careful to prevent your dog from gaining so much weight that it becomes obese, which poses new health problems.

Feeding your dog more is the only way to help it gain weight, but you must ensure that the measure is safe and effective.  Here are some tips and tricks that should help your dog gain a few pounds but do not expect any overnight result. Only when the dog’s metabolism works well the body can absorb the nutrients and increase weight. If the dog has some other health issues, dog food for weight gain alone will not help.

Choose food that has a high calorie

In your attempt to bulk up your dog, be careful not to keep it feeding at random at any time of the day. The process of weight gain must be gradual because just as it did not lose weight in a day, it will also not gain weight. The body’s metabolism influences the pace of weight gain, but it will take some time. Underweight is a sign of malnourishment, and to help your dog gain weight safely, include some high calorie food in its diet that is also rich in protein. This kind of food is suitable for athlete canines that stay strong and healthy without adding weight buy; for underweight dogs, the food helps gain weight.

Choose between free feeding and multiple small meals

Since weight gain is the objective, allowing free feeding for your dog can give good results, but you must be watchful to avoid adding too much weight that turns it obese. A better way to control weight gain is to serve your dog multiple meals during the day to increase the calorie intake.

Serve snacks to supplement meals

Besides the main meals, include some supplements that act like snacks but are rich in fat and protein as it contains ingredients from bison meat. Serve the supplements between meals once or twice a day as advised by your vet.

To make the food attractive for your dog, use fresh foods or wet foods with a stronger odor than dry foods.

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