Shops at Mazza Gallerie closed permanently

Mazza Gallerie, which happens to be one of the empty shopping centers present along Wisconsin Avenue at the DC-Maryland border, is shut now. Over the past few years, the stores situated in the mall have been closing one after the other. However, there was yet a retail business that was still running in the mall. Recently, it also got closed, and now the mall seems to be largely empty. Indeed, everyone seems to be wondering what would happen to the location after this!

  • TJ Maxx closed permanently.
  • The last store in Mazza Gallerie got shut on the occasion of Christmas
  • It happened to be one of the craziest destination time ago

TJ Maxx closed permanently: Christmas eve

TJ Maxx closed permanently on Christmas eve. Recently, the shoppers were astonished to discover that the store was empty. The popular AMC movie theatre used to be one of the favorite spots for many, and it got shut last February after the covid 19 pandemic got stuck! No doubt, it is a surprise to know what will happen to this place from now on.

Developer Tishman Speyer’s Friendship Heights: once a bustling retail destination

The Friendship Heights mall was built in 1979 and was a bustling retail once upon a time. Also, people knew it as a popular dining destination. Still, due to the pandemic, it became a ghost town out of nowhere. Developer Tishman Speyer acquired this mall built in May 2021 and then redeveloped it as apartments. The project was expected to include 350 multifamily units and 26,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The Eagle bank would offer 26 million dollars of funds to the development company for the acquisition.


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