Shim Hye-jin

Shim Hye-jin

Shim Hye-jin is an actress and model from South Korea. Born on February 6, 1967, in Seoul, South Korea, she gave wings to her career with the Coca-Cola commercial in the late 1980s. Her commercial got a hit and developed an instant liking from fans. The advertising agency cached her physical appearance after a deep thought process referred to as “Cola-like Woman,” which was an instant hit. She got much-needed fame through the same, and the 1990s proved to be a golden period for her. 

Work and recognition

She was known for her roles in “The Black Republic” in 1990 and “Marriage Story” in 1992, among others. A few notable attractions that recognized her while working in the movies are “Daudeo” in 2014, “Foxy Festival” in 2010, etc. Her appeal and presentation added to her charisma even more. She has a long list of records of working not just in movies but also in drama series. Her roles in the drama series are “Love Twist” in 2021-2022, “Strong Girl Bong Soon” in 2017, and many others. She is a workaholic who has carved a niche for herself through her dedication and hard work.

She was a Jury member. 

The number of her acting years and the services she has given to the film and drama industry were considered while selecting her as a jury. She was a jury member at the 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2022.


She has received different accolades in the form of Best Actress for “Black Republic” in 1990 and “Marriage Story” in 1993. She has had so many golden moments in her career as they continue to shine high and bright for her. She got Best Supporting Actress awards for “Foxy Festival” and “over the Border” in 2011. She has a loyal fan base who knows that her acting has uplifted the entertainment industry.

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