Shim Hoon-Ki

Shim Hoon Ki is a South Korean actor born in South Korea on August 25, 1977. He was passionate about acting at a young age and made inroads in fans’ hearts and minds through his acting. Yes, he is few of the actors who have been quite demanding in roles to give the best shot, which has undoubtedly made him a different actor away from the league. 

Work that gave him recognition

He worked in movies, such as “Nailed” in 2019 and “The Coast Guard” in 2002. He played the role of a restaurant manager in Bad Man in the year 2015. The movie is worth watching, thanks to how he acted. There has been a broad genre of films and dramas that he has been well versed in over time, making him a mature and professional artist. He knows that staying in the limelight comes with responsibilities, and he managed to create an image that the audience loves.

A broad genre of roles

He has worked in drama series such as “Strong Girl Bong-Soon” in 2017, “Secret Healer” in 2016, “Gourmet” in 2008, etc. Apart from the comprehensive five lists of serials where their acting has been superb, he was also a cast member in the movie “The Con Artists,” where he played the smuggler role. He also acted in “My Annoying Brother,” where his role was of a Parole Examiner. 

Carved a niche for himself 

He knows the journey to make a place in the industry is by giving vital roles which speak about perfection and professionalism; that’s why he has set on an acting journey where he has been learning continuously ever since by bringing the best, as per the capabilities. The acting of those like him has given new heights to Korean cinema across the globe.

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