SFSafe hosted the National Crime Victims’ Rights brunch

Thanks to @SFSAFE for hosting this afternoon’s National Crime Victims’ Rights brunch! Recently, a post surfaced on Twitter and several social media platforms to celebrate the National Crime Victims’ Rights brunch.

The program’s primary purpose was to support crime victims and help them see the sunshine all over again. It was also meant to support the victims of human trafficking and, thus, assist in ways to stop gun violence in different intimate relationships. It was severely meant to avoid gang & gun violence in the youth, particularly teenage groups. It is also about hearing about the losses and trying to share resources among the community.

Also, there would be therapists who would be present right at the site to help people who feel activated or re-traumatized by any chance.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is followed:

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is commonly abbreviated as the NCVRW. This week, it is all about remembering the victims who have witnessed several acts of violence and honoring the survivors by expressing gratitude and thankfulness. At the same time, this week marks the renewal of our commitment to justice. In this good initiative, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week will be meant to serve all the people who have been victims of violence and abolition of rights so that they can imbibe a sense of awareness within them.

Raising voice in the criminal justice system:

The primary standpoint of this program is to ensure that everyone has a sense of awareness to raise their voice for themselves and the injustice that has occurred to them in the criminal justice system.

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