Settlement Reached Between Woman Trampled By Police Horse And The City Of Baltimore


In April 2013, Crystal Oats was leaving Paparazzi in downtown Baltimore, when she encountered mounted police trying to force people to go home.

The lawsuit said, police officer Janine Gilley neared Oats and urged her to “Speed it up!”

Oats accused Gilley of grabbing her by the hair, causing her to fall on the ground, at which time Gilley’s horse stepped on her right foot, according to the lawsuit.

Baltimore Mounted UnitIn answers to questions from Gilley’s attorneys, Oats wrote, “She was very aggressive and rude from the start to the end.”

Gilley maintained her innocence and asserted in court documents her horse had accidentally step on Oats’ foot.

In answers to Oats’ attorneys, Gilley said Oats was carrying high heels, staggering around barefoot and was “highly intoxicated.”

Gilley said she went to utilize a “mounted crowd control technique” after Oats attempted to grab her horse’s reins.

On Wednesday, the Baltimore Board of Estimates approved a $50,000 payment to settle the lawsuit.

“Because of conflicting factual issues, given the uncertainties and unpredictability of jury verdicts and in consideration of the verified actual injury and subsequent medical treatment, the parties propose to settle,” the board’s agenda said.

There is no evidence that the Police Department disciplined Gilley. In Maryland, police disciplinary records are protected from public disclosure.

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