Setting off Fireworks for the 4th of July? Here’s Some Safety Tips

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, many Americans plan to celebrate with fireworks. However, fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly. Here are some safety tips to remember if you’re setting off fireworks this Fourth of July.

  1. Follow local laws and regulations: Before setting off fireworks, ensure you know your area’s laws and regulations. Some states and cities restrict which types of fireworks are allowed and when they can be set off.
  2. Only use legal fireworks: Make sure the fireworks you are using are legal and purchased from a licensed vendor. Illegal fireworks can be dangerous and unpredictable.
  3. Keep a safe distance: When setting off fireworks, ensure a safe distance between the fireworks and any people or structures. A good rule of thumb is to keep a distance of at least 30 feet.
  4. Have a water source nearby: Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of a fire or accident. It’s also a good idea to wet down the area where you will be setting off fireworks.
  5. Wear protective gear: Consider wearing protective gear like safety glasses and gloves when setting off fireworks. This can help prevent injuries from debris or sparks.
  6. Don’t relight duds: If a firework doesn’t go off, don’t try to relight it. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in water to ensure it is completely extinguished.
  7. Supervise children: Children should never be allowed to handle fireworks. Make sure they are supervised at all times and kept at a safe distance.
  8. Dispose of fireworks properly: After setting off fireworks, dispose of them properly. Soak them in water and throw them away in a metal trash can.

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July celebration. Remember, fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly, so always use caution and follow local laws and regulations.

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