Seol In-ah

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Seol In-ah is an actress from South Korea that has an established career thanks to her leading roles in “Beautiful Love,” “Wonderful Life” in 2019, “Business Proposal” in 2022, “Mr. Queen” in 2020-2021, etc. She was born on January 3, 1996, and has come of age with professionalism and maturity.


It is true that the beginning is always the hardest, but if taken care of professionally, it helps mold the personality well. She has learned the intricacies of honing her skills professionally. In the year 2015, she played a debut role in “The Producers .”It gathered quite a business, and that’s why a year later, she performed in “Flowers of the Prison” in 2016. Likewise, in the initial years, she played a supporting role in JTBC’s drama “Strong Girl Bong-soon” along with KBS2 drama, namely “School 2017”.


She is known for her roles in “Beautiful Love, “School 2017” 2017, In “Labor Inspector”; she played a supporting character in 2019, which was widely appreciated. Her appealing personality and acting skills have given her due recognition as she rightly deserves. She also received the “Rising Star Actress” award for Seol In-ah. For the same movie, she was also awarded for being the “Best Couple’ in Seol In-ag with Kim Min-kyu in 2022. The quality of a great actress is that she performs in a wide genre of movies, like Seol, who also starred in the SBS romantic comedy-drama in “Business Proposal” in 2022. She has always taken hard work as the soul moto for success as there is no looking back for her, as she created her first solo single, namely “Pure love’ as it was a collaborated effort with Marjen J.


She got the Best New Actress Award for her lead role in “Sunny Again Tomorrow” in 2018. 

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