Selecting The Best Waterproof Pop Up Tent For Long Lasting Durability

If you do your bit of independent research, you will come across different types of tents available. All of them are suited to match various situations and group sizes. Right from the waterproof rating to double or single skin, tent accessories and consideration, there are so many points to address with tent buying experience, especially if you are going for pop up tent now. Getting all the major information by your side to purchase the right tent is always a good call to make.

The waterproofing rating for the tents:

Waterproof rates for the tents are well measured in millimeters and will be usually be between the 1000mm and 10,000mm. If the rating gets higher, the tent will be termed to be more waterproof in nature. Ratings are mostly measured using hydrostatic head test but the ratings will not take the wind driven rain into account.

  • With time and use, dirt and mud can cause the water repellent coating to just break down, and that will result in water being absorbed into fabric rather than just running off.
  • It is highly recommended that the tents are re-proofed periodically and with the help of tent reproofing spray. It will help in restoring water repellency while maintaining the fabric’s breathability.

For the pop up tents:

You can mostly see these pop up tents described as quick pitch or instant tents. These options are perfect for those people who have never ever pitched a tent in their life. The poles remain assembled and fitted right into tent fabric. Once the sprung frame is proficiently unleashed, they will pop up just by themselves. 

These tents are mainly popular for small hikes, kids and for festivals as they are very easy to pitch. But, always remember that these tents are not quite suitable for the windy conditions because of their flexibility. 

So many picks to choose from:

If you search the vast world of internet, you will come across so many tents for you to choose from. Be sure to go through the possible options and then you can aim for the final selection.

  • Check out the manufacturing company from where you will get the tent. For how long have they been in this business and how many tents they have sold so far? Are people happy with the tents they got? Make sure to check out these points before you can finalize on the tent you want.
  • On the other hand, you need to focus on the outdoor or indoor use of the tent. If you are trying to use the tent in your backyard, then be sure to check the material of the tent too. Some materials like nylon cannot withstand UV rays well. So, think about these points before making a move.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the size of the tent. If you are planning to get a group invited to enjoy some time in tent, then a bigger version is the one to watch out for.

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