Security Guard Patrolling Dewey Beach In Delaware Attacked By Baltimore-Area Residents

Two people approached a security guard patrolling Delaware’s Dewey Beach around 3 a.m. on Monday morning, requesting a ride to Ocean City. The security guard offered to call Julia C. Price, 21, of Baltimore and John P. Clancy, 21, of Towson a taxi, before they attacked him.

Price and Clancy were charged with second-degree conspiracy, attempting to remove a firearm from a law enforcement officer and offensive touching, according to Delaware State Police Master Corporal Gray Fournier.


Dewey Beach In Delaware

The 52-year-old guard, who was employed with Resort Investigations and Patrol for Indian Beach, was not harmed in the incident and was not identified in the news release.

After the guard offered to call a taxi for the couple, they started walking towards a house in the nearby vicinity. The guard informed them that they would be arrested for trespassing on private property, if they continued forward.

Clancy responded by pushing and kicking the guard’s feet out from under him, according to the release. Both men fell to the ground, at which time Price jumped on top of the guard and attempted to remove his service weapon from his holster.

A witness of the scuffle notified the Delaware State police. The couple was later apprehended and being held at the Sussex Correctional Institution.

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  1. Very glad to see the man ended up being unharmed. People attempting to disarm and hurt a security guard who is solely there to protect them and their surroundings is a sad sight.

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