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Season 4 of Jack Irish: All The Details About The Fourth Season

Jack Irish season 4 is coming to Acorn TV! Tune in for all the details.

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What is the release date of Jack Irish season 4?

ABC (Australia) will not show Season 4 of Jack Irish. It is canceled.

We are tracking this information, but we won’t know the update until it is official. We will make sure to tell you as soon as we find out.

Who will be starring in Jack Irish season 4?

Guy Pearce stars as Jack Irish, who used to work as a criminal defense attorney but now works as a debt collector and troubleshooter. Jack is still thinking about his wife’s death. He also works with Charlie Taub as an apprentice cabinet maker.

Linda Hillier is a reporter who loves Jack. She is also involved in his investigations.

A complete guide to the twisted, crime-filled universe of Jack Irish
Source: NME.com

Aaron Pederson plays cam Delray. Cam is Harry Strang’s right-hand man and one of Jack’s closest friends. He wears a stern look, but he is kind.

Harry Strang, played by Roy Billing, is a racing fanatic. He asks Jack and Cam for help.

Barry, played by Shane Jacobson, is a fat, grumpy police officer who helps Jack to find out what happened.

Drew Greer, Jack’s former law partner, is played by Damien Richardson.

This is a show about Jack Irish. It is on TV, and it started on October 2, 2102. Guy Pearce is the main character. He’s a private detective. This story takes place in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Andrew Anastasios, Matt Cameron, and Andrew Knight created Jack Irish. They started as three movies; then they made them into three TV series. The last show will come on in June 2021.

Jeffrey Walker directed all three of the films, and Kieran Darcy-Smith lead directed them. The first film, Bad Debts, had an average of 950,000 viewers.

The second film, Black Tide, had 851,000 people watch it. That was good enough for it to be the thirteenth most-watched program in Australia this week.

The third and final film, Dead Point, received 780,000 Australian viewers. It came in eleventh place for the week’s most-watched programs. The first six episodes aired from February 11 to March 17, 2016. On July 8, 2018, the second series of Jack Irish began airing. It was dedicated to Peter Temple. On June 13, 2021, the third and final series of Jack Irish aired on ABC TV and ABC iView.

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