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Search Party: Kathy Griffin Joins Season 5 Cast

Kathy Griffin is joining the cast of Search Party for season 5. Kathy has had a long, successful career in show business, and her star power will be an interesting addition to this new season. Kathy’s involvement with the show was confirmed by Variety on Wednesday morning, but no other details have been made available yet about Kathy’s role on the show or when she will start filming.

The release date of Search Party season 5:

With the show renewed in winter 2021, it’s possible that the writers could resume working as soon as the spring, and then the series could film shortly after if the pandemic allows. Were that timeline to work out, new episodes could arrive sometime in early 2022.

The cast of Search Party Season 5:

  • Alia Shawkat as Dory Sief
  • John Reynolds as Drew Gardner
  • John Early as Elliott Goss
  • Meredith Hagner as Portia Davenport
  • Kathy Griffin as Liquorice Montague

The role of Kathy Griffin in Search Party season 5:

The actress and comedian, 60, will appear in the fifth season of HBO Max’s dark comedy Search Party, playing a conspiracy theorist named Liquorice Montague, who takes Chantal (Clare McNulty) under her wing; as a “codependent apprentice.”

About Kathy Griffin:

Kathy Griffin is an American comedian and actress who has starred in television comedy specials and has released comedy albums. In 2007 and 2008. She has recorded numerous standup comedy specials for HBO and Bravo.

For the latter network, she has recorded sixteen television specials, breaking the Guinness World record for the number of aired television specials on any network.

Kathy Griffin Joins Season 5 of 'Search Party'

Griffin, who went public with her lung cancer diagnosis earlier in August, wrapped production on the recurring role before undergoing surgery as part of her treatment.

Griffin also raved about her role in a tweet on Wednesday. “SURPRISE! This is what I’ve been secretly posting about! So excited!!!” she wrote alongside an article link from Variety, who was first to report the news.

The plot of Search Party Season 5:

Search Party depicts the lives of New York City resident Dory Sief, her passive boyfriend Drew Gardner, flamboyant show-off Elliott Goss, and flighty actress Portia Davenport. Serving as a contrast to the group is Dory’s ex-boyfriend Julian Marcus, a journalist whose blunt nature frequently puts him into conflict with others.

The first season focuses on the disappearance of Dory’s college acquaintance Chantal Witherbottom, whom Dory sets out to find, with Drew, Elliott, and Portia reluctantly joining her investigation.

While her friends also deal with difficulties in their own lives, Dory focuses on her pursuit of Chantal, believing her to be in danger.

It focuses on the death of Keith Powell, a private investigator who is killed as a result of Dory mistakenly believing him to be a threat to Chantal. As the group struggles to return to their normal lives, they also attempt to cover up Keith’s death, which affects them in various ways. A media circus soon circles around the trial while the friends have their relationships tested, and Dory’s sanity gradually deteriorates.

Its main focus is on Dory’s abduction at the hands of Chip Wreck, a psychotic man unhealthily obsessed with her. The abduction sends Drew, Elliott, and Portia searching for Dory as Chip attempts to manipulate Dory against her friends.

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