Scissor Seven Season 3

Scissor Seven Season 3 Netflix Is Back With New Season

Netflix has just released the dates for the third season of Scissor Seven, a Chinese animation series. And, this is a perfect time to catch up on what happened in Season One and Two! This article is about Scissor Seven Season 3.

Besides, the show has some of the most amazing features. This includes animations, plots, and character roles!

Scissor Seven Season 3 to Air in October 2021

Evidently, after stealing the glamor spotlight of Netflix, the season has been decided to have a 3rd season. The show revolves around the life of Seven. He decides to turn into an assassin. And the show follows the story ahead.

Certainly, this amazing story will have plenty of twists and turns along the way, just like all other seasons before it!

Season 3 is announced to air in October 2021. Though, we do not know the exact date yet. The first season of Scissor Seven was released back in January 2020. The second season was released soon in May 2020.  Furthermore, the show is all set with Season 3 to premiere in October, this year.

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However, we had seen a glimpse of the 3rd season in January 2021. We will have the continuation of the sequence, which had been terminated temporarily.

Firstly, this season is confirmed to have 10 episodes in total. In addition, we can also expect some extra episodes in the show.

The Trailer of Scissor Seven Season 3 has been Released

The series has been making the rounds of the internet, with its teaser trailer. The fans are ecstatic to get back their favorite show on Netflix!

Watch the trailer to have a quick look at what the next season has to offer.

The Expected Plotline of Scissor Seven Season 3

Seven has left Chicken Island to recover his past memories. He will make some detours before landing in Xuanwu. Although, the show was priorly released in only Mandarin language. It was later released in the English language as well. The upcoming season of the show will be released in both languages as well.

Will Seven recover his memory? Where would all the chaos lead him? Will he be able to achieve peace and harmony?

Let’s hope for the show’s success! And, expect it to break the grounds in the upcoming season.

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