Scaredy Cats: Release Date, Plot and Star Cast

When Scaredy Cats was first announced, it had a lot of people wondering what the movie would be about.

What is the release date of Scaredy Cats?

Scaredy Cats will be out on Netflix on October 1, 2021. We use public resources like NetflixSchedule and NetflixDates to make sure that our release date information is correct. Some Netflix titles are different in every country. They may not be available where you live. So, check back often to find out when new movies come out.

Who will be starring in Scaredy Cats?

Scaredy Cats is starring Sophia Reid-Gantzert, Ava Augustin, Daphne Hoskins.

What is the plot of Scaredy Cats?

Opening Shot: A baby is sleeping in a bassinet. A wind comes through the window and leaves a box. The box says “Property of Willow Ward” on it. Then somebody whispers, “Good luck, baby Willa” Yesterday was my 12th birthday. Dad surprised me with a special present. Inside the box that my mom left for me before she died, there is a necklace with a cat-head amulet.

When she puts on the amulet, it lets out a type of magic that is powerful and gets attention from two witches who have been searching for it for a long time. The rat needs the amulet to have more power. They send their talking pet rat Claw (Ryan Beil) to get it.

Willa is having a birthday party with her best friends. They will get to eat candy and they will be wearing costumes. When they find a talking rat in the attic, with the necklace in its claws, they scream. But when they grab brooms, the amulet lifts the brooms. They find one broom and put it under Willa and fly her out of the window. When they told Neil about what happened last night, he said it was because they ate too much candy before going to sleep.

But other people know about the amulet. Willa’s teacher, Ms. Juniper, knows too. But Willa doesn’t know what the amulet means and she can’t figure it out.

What can we expect?


Willa’s mom wasn’t around when she was little. Wilma and Wanda want to tell her about her mom because they knew her in the past. So they invited Willa to a tea party where they talked about her mother, but she didn’t come. Willa brings Scout and Lucy to the witches. The witches try to give them candy and chocolate, but Willa just wants to know about her mom. When she says that, the witches start chasing after them to get an amulet from Willa.

The girls go through a creepy house and find a potion that makes the girls become cats. They get away, but first, they turn back into girls. When she gets home, she finds a note from her mother explaining what the amulet is all about. Her mother tells her that Willa can only be a witch if she “believes in magic.”

The movie Scaredy Cats had some scenes that seem scary. It started like this. But then it got better. We thought the review might be about how this is something that children might like, but parents might want to scroll TikTok while it is playing.

But I was hooked on this show even though it seemed silly. There are two reasons why this happened. One is that the scary scenes were done with care and precision. The witches’ house and their spells look scary and not cheap. The talking pets and the transformed cats look good in the movie.

The second is the performance of Reid-Gantzert as Willa. She acted like a real kid at times but was also precocious and silly.

But as the story gets more complicated, the silliness of the characters gets a bit more refined. Even Willa’s family friend Neil gets less silly as you go through the episode. We want to know what the man knows about his wife’s mom. Is he just playing coy and trying to protect Willa? Or does he not know anything? And what is Wilma and Wanda’s relationship with Willa’s mom?

There are clues in the story that make it seem like dark things are happening. We don’t know if they will be explored or not.



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