Scaredy Cats: Everything You Need to Know

October is the beginning of the “spooky season.” Netflix has shown for everyone, including ones that are just for kids, called Scaredy Cats. Want to learn about 12-year-old kids turning into cats and flying on brooms? Read this. This blog post will tell you everything about Scaredy Cats.

When she puts it on, the amulet lets out magical energy which gets the attention of two witches. These witches have been searching for the amulet for 10 years. They need the amulet to get more power. They send their talking pet rat Claw (Ryan Beil) to get it.

Willa is having a birthday party with her friends. Her best friend’s name is Scout and she also has a friend named Lucy. They are going to have a sleepover with all the candy that she likes. Willa’s dad owns the town candy store and he makes really good candy. When they find a rat in the attic, they scream. It has something in its claws. They grab brooms and put them up, but the rat lifts them. One of them gets under Willa and flies her out the window The next morning when they tell the story to Neil, he thinks that it was because they ate too much candy before they went to sleep.

What can we expect from Scaredy Cats?


But other people know about the amulet. But Willa just can’t figure out what the significance of the amulet is.

Wilma and Wanda are not giving up. They cook up a plan to have a tea party with Willa so they can tell her about her mother. Willa brings Scout and Lucy. The witches try to lure the girls with candy but Wilma just wants to tell Willa about her mom. The witches are chasing after the girls. The girls can’t give them the amulet.

At the beginning of the book, the girls go through a creepy mansion. They find a potion that turns them into cats. The witches eventually turn them back into girls. But before they do, they know that they will see Wanda and Wilma again. When she gets home, her mother left a note about the amulet. It is the only way for Willa to be a witch.

Scaredy Cats is like the new version of Ghostwriter for Apple. It is more witchy than ghostly.

In the first few minutes of Scaredy Cats, we thought that it would be very scary for kids. I thought the show was good. I liked how the actors played Wilma and Wanda. We knew that it would be like other Disney movies, but we did not think it would be very good.

But, darn it if the show didn’t hook us in, even though there was over-the-top acting and silly situations. The effects in this movie are done carefully and precisely. The witch’s house and their spells look scary. The pets are also transformed into other things, but they fit in with the action.

The performance of Reid-Gantzert as Willa is good. She mostly acts like a real kid and tries to figure out how to use the witchy powers that her mom wrote about.

The story gets more and more interesting as it goes. The characters become funnier, too. Even Willa’s dad who sells candy becomes less silly as the episode goes on. What I want to know is what the husband/Willa’s mom knew about his wife. Is he just pretending to protect Willa? Or does he truly not know? And what is Wilma and Wanda’s relationship with Willa’s mom?

We are not expecting things to get dark, but it is helpful to know that there are some dark parts in the story. We’ll see if these parts are explored.

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