Sanditon: Resurrected by Americans


A new series set in the fictional seaside town of Sanditon, 2019. It follows three people searching for a way to escape their personal dilemmas – Charlotte Heywood (played by Sophie Turner), a young woman who dreams of exploring the world but feels trapped by her family’s expectations; Henry Parker (played by Ben Haggerty), a teenage grifter running from his own troubled past and one mistake; and Mr.

Parker (played by Oakes Fegley), a mysterious innkeeper with an all-absorbing interest in Charlotte. The streaming service released the first trailer for the series on January 9, 2019. It featured a scene of the characters discussing their desire to escape Sanditon. The trailer ended with a shot of Charlotte walking out of Sanditon, seemingly on her way to the wider world.

What is the Release date of Sanditon?

The first episode of the series has released on 25 August, 2019. Sanditon is created by “Lost” and “The Magicians” showrunner and writer, Sera Gamble. Gamble is the showrunner and serves as an executive producer. The pilot script was written by Blake Crouch, based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name.

Sanditon is exclusive to the streaming service Hulu. It is a part of a major push into original content by the company, which included the development of shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Castle Rock”, and “The Looming Tower”. The series will premiere on August 25, 2019.

Who is in cast of Sanditon?

Oakes Fegley as Mr. Parker, a mysterious and reclusive innkeeper who is just passing through town. With a desire to belong, Parker carries his belongings with him wherever he goes.

Sophie Turner as Charlotte Heywood, a young woman with an adventurous spirit and a world of possibilities ahead of her, but her dreams are held back by her family’s expectations. Her younger sister was recently engaged to their financial backer’s son.

What is the Plot of Sanditon?

The Sanditon pilot is based on the final chapter of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel “Sanditon”. In Sanditon, a wealthy merchant’s son goes bad after he cheats at cards, losing his financial backing. He takes off to London with his lovely young sister and her fortune. The rest of their family remains in the country and looks to the new setting as an escape from their worries. But the town has its own mysteries and the people there can’t help feeling that something is wrong.

When a newcomer arrives, a woman who is searching for the place that will make her whole, they all feel a hope that they’ve found what they’re looking for. But this hope comes with a cost, as the people of Sanditon will soon discover. Jude Law as Edward Parker, Henry’s father and a successful merchant.

Janet Montgomery as Diana Parker, Henry’s older sister who has always taken care of her family. She had an intense and forbidden romance in her youth that has shaped her since.

What are some reviews on Sanditon?

Indiewire called the origin story a “mixed bag”. “Sanditon is like ‘Downton Abbey,’ or any other British period drama that aims to remind audiences what they loved about Austen’s world, while adding just enough of a twist to hook modern viewers. The best part is, however, seeing the process behind the invention.”

The Verge wrote that Sanditon is “too reactionary” and compared Crouch’s take on the novel to his previous novel “Dark Matter”. Sanditon, with its references to the original story and its use of a period setting is “like reading a fanfiction from the future, which is not as interesting as it sounds.”

Buzzfeed’s critic found Sanditon to be “not bad, actually”, but added that he would have liked more “slapstick”. Northumberland News praised the series and called in a “well shot” drama, with a mixture of teen angst and family drama.

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