Salvadoran Man Rejects Plea Deal In Killing Two Baltimore Women


Twenty-one-year-old Elias Josael Jimenez Alvarado is going to trial.

Police responded to a report of a female screaming in the 3900 block of Dolfield Avenue in Northwest Baltimore on September 8. Responding officers switched off the headlights on their cruisers and began to investigate the area. They discovered a man leaning over a body, later identified as 35-year-old Ranarda Williams. The suspect attempted to flee the area, but was apprehended and arrested.

It was later determined that Williams has been strangled to death, police said.

The suspect was identified Alvarado, who was in the country illegally.

A 48-year-old woman was found a week earlier in the 3700 block of Bancroft Road. Police found the woman in the back of her home. Her death was ruled a homicide and an autopsy confirmed the cause of death as strangulation, police said.

In September 2016, Alvardo was charged with two counts of murder. He rejected a plea bargain Friday in both cases that will now head to trial.

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