Rutherford Falls Season 2: Release date, cast, plot and more

Rutherford Falls Season 2

It’s a coming-of-age story of how two best friends, Nathan and Reagan, deal with the realities of growing up when they’re in their late teens on a ranch in rural America. They face the same struggles about responsibility, love and life that many teenagers do but what sets this show apart is its unparalleled writing.

Set during the summer months of 1991 and presented as a series of weekly events told from different perspectives – both past and present – each character’s story is layered to form an entirely unique narrative. The show examines the impact of a large family, death and deceit on this young and charismatic cast of characters. The series will also take place over three distinct time periods (summer 91 to winter 95), which allows for the audience have a front row seat to what’s happening in each character’s life at any given time.

What is the Release date of Rutherford Falls Season 2?

It is expected to release on June 16.

The story will continue from the season 1 with an eight-year lapse of time. The show follows the journey of these two best friends Nathan and Reagan after they have grown up a little in this small town. Their lives have been going well till one day, things are about to change. Reagan wants to make moves on his life by leaving this small town, where as Nathan wants to take care his family as they face a grave situation.

Who are the casting of Rutherford Falls Season 2?

Rutherford Falls Season 1 is a story of the Pattersons, a big family that has faced many tragedies in the past, but this family is still strong and united. The series will focus on Nathan Patterson at its center who has faced many changes in his life. He is the eldest son of this big Patterson Family who lives with his father. His parents had to sell their ranch due to financial issues and now they are living in a house that belongs to their longtime friend Kurtis’ family.

What is the story of season 2?

Nathan has a secret and he is not ready to share it with Reagan, but Reagan insists that he come clean with him. The Patterson family faces grave situation and the whole family decide to meet at their ranch. Nathan also decides to leave this small town – with Reagan’s help – for some unknown reason.

Olivia is the mother of Nathan and his siblings. She is a very caring and loving woman and she has been through a lot in her life. Her husband had an affair with one of his employees which left her heartbroken, but this did not break her spirit. She loves her family dearly, but she knows how Nathan feels about leaving this small town.

Kurtis Patterson is a person the Patterson family has known for a long time. He not only helped the family sell their ranch, but also lent them his house temporarily. He is known to be a very good friend of the Pattersons and he looks at Nathan as his own son. Lena Patterson is the wife of Kurtis and she is a very loving and caring person who also treats Nathan like her own son. They are a perfect family, but she knows that her husband is holding something from her.

What are the ratings of Rutherford Falls Season 2?

The show was popular among its audience and was successful in getting an attention from the audience. The first season of Rutherford falls got an average of 7.8 points on IMDb and a user score of 8.7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

The music for Rutherford Falls Season 2 will be composed by Thomas J. Bergersen and Stefan Solverud. The production of the show is being done by Entertainment One, CBC Television and Buffalo Gal Pictures. The director of the show is Michelle MacLaren and Karyn Usher will be leading as the screenwriter. The producer of the show is Matthew O’Connor, Mike Frislev, John Vatcher and Kate Braidwood.

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