Rethinking Your BI Platform

The business intelligence world is constantly evolving. This is because there are always new tools and developments changing the face of the game. Organizations need to stay on top of this, or else risk falling behind competitors. 

Here are some tips for rethinking your BI platform. 

Put People First 

When it comes to conceptualizing your BI platform, there are a few ways to orient your priorities. Oftentimes, the data itself becomes too much the focus, when it’s really supposed to be the means and not an end in itself. When rethinking your BI platform, it’s essential to consider whether you’re putting people first. 

What does it mean to put people first when thinking about BI? It’s simple, really. Tools and applications need to be designed around the user, not the other way around. No matter if you’re considering high-level data scientists, or someone from the sales team running ad hoc analysis, BI needs to be centered upon their workflows and inherent needs. This increases operational efficiency and makes the lives of employees vastly better when their tools work in harmony with their duties.  

Data democratization is another more overarching element of putting people first when designing institutional BI platforms. In the past, only data experts would be capable of analysis. But now, thanks to artificial intelligence-powered BI, data analysis and other capabilities can be in the hands of just about anyone. This allows for insights to come from anywhere in an organization, at any time, based on real-time need. Putting employees at the heart of BI platform decisions, organizations can do a much better job leveraging the full potential of their investments. 

Look at Your Cloud Enablement

The future is cloud-based. If your organization is still running entirely on-premise BI, or even just starting to migrate toward the cloud, it’s time to evolve. With that said, there are a few reasons it’s important to take care when implementing hybrid and cloud BI architectures. If your organization is unfamiliar with these technologies, it’s wise to work with a cloud-based BI provider in order to ensure the safety and integrity of your data. While necessary to compete in the modern economy, in addition to enabling remote access, migrating to cloud or hybrid cloud operations can be risky when done with haste. It’s best to work with experts to guarantee you get it right. 

Ensure You Have BI on Your BI Platform

Most executives think about the importance of having data when making decisions. Fewer, however, consider why they should have reporting on their BI platform itself. 

Auditing your BI platform allows you to do a few things. On one hand, it can show how people are actually using the platform, which can be useful data. But more importantly, having data on your BI platform lets you increase efficiency, as well as archive or delete elements that are no longer needed. 

Reevaluate and Emphasize Goals

You shouldn’t design your BI without first understanding what you want to get out of it. This can be a complex question, and so enterprises need to take care when answering it. 

Every organization has problems it needs to solve. Leveraging data is often one of the best ways to accomplish this. But true problems aren’t always obvious. It’s important to identify the underlying challenges facing your enterprise, and then work backwards from there as you figure out how BI can help. 

Identify Bottlenecks and Alleviate Them

Bottlenecks are inherent in almost all business workflows. But intelligently designed BI platforms can get around many of these issues. In fact, avoiding bottlenecks is one of the best arguments for ad hoc analysis and data democratization. 

When more employees have the power to utilize data, it takes a load off the data analysts who would otherwise be tasked with fielding every query. Not only does this decrease the amount of time it takes to make actionable business decisions, it frees up your data-specific employees to work on higher-level analyses. 

Your BI platform is essential to the functioning of your organization. Rethinking your BI to work better can be one of the best decisions made by an executive team. 

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