Restaurants toiling to hire new staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the restaurant industry doesn’t have workers. More and more Marylanders are currently returning to dine in person. As per the National Restaurant Association’s new State of the Restaurant Industry report, many restaurant owners want to grow their businesses. Situations seem to get closer to normal, but they still face a big challenge!

Smith talked about understanding the restaurants.

According to the reports, 62% of restaurants surveyed about having restaurants understaffed in 2022. It has even been found that there is one unemployed person for every two jobs, which happens to be the lowest level on record. Maryland businesses are no exception. Mother’s North Grille in Timonium said that the company is taking backup. Janiece Smith, manager of Mother’s North Grille, said, “You can get a sense when you’re busy every day, rather than just busy on the weekends, and we’re busy every day.” Several nationwide challenges would include intense competition and high food expenses.
Smith said, “I’m going to say we’re one of the lucky ones … We have already hired some already, and we’re still looking to hire, but we have had issues ding people to stay long-term because of COVID-19.” He added, “After all we went through, it is crazy to think, ‘Oh, that happened just three years ago?” James Cabezas, a customer, said, “I think the restaurant community as a whole is going to begin doing much better if you look at, say, Baltimore City and the Fells Point area, how many new restaurants are opening up.” By the end of the year, the restaurant industry workforce is projected to grow by 500,000 jobs.

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