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Renardo Green’s family says Annapolis ‘should not be rewarded.’

The lawyers have denounced a try by the Annapolis Attorneys as the city seeks to dismiss a $75M wrongful death suit. The attorney filed a 71-page response on Wednesday to close the claim. Green died three days post the June 2021 encounter at the age of 51 years. He was strapped face down to the stretcher while suffering a cardiac arrest. An autopsy happened to be the reason behind his death. The lawyers representing the city argued that the allegations on the Family were too vague and quite generalized. Further, they had urged the US district court of Maryland to state that they must either close the case or ask the Family to make some specific allegations against the individual defendants.
The Family stated that they had made the case as specific as possible.
The Family denied access to the body camera footage of the encounter
Brian Marsh declined to comment on the investigation of the county

Brian Marsh described the issue to be an open matter.

The assistant state’s attorney and spokesperson for Anne Colt Leitess, Brian Marsh, described the issue as an open matter and had earlier acknowledged the death of Green to be put under investigation since December 2021. The Family’s attorneys — Malcolm Ruff, Patrick Thronson, Brenda Harkavy, William Murph,y and Dwayne Brown — wrote the city “cannot claim in good faith” an inability to proceed when “they possess indisputable evidence … while refusing to turn [it] over” to the plaintiffs. Recently, a Maryland public information act request by The Capital regarding the footage was also denied.

Green’s death was informed to the police and paramedics.

Maryland News
Police and paramedics reported to Green’s Eastport apartment post that his wife had called for help. She said that Green was taking the psychedelic drug PCP and was also breaking objects all around the house. She even had to call the ambulance as her husband had cut his hand. Green was pinned to the ground when the police arrived, and the police could not calm him down. He was further restrained with shackles and handcuffs. He was unresponsive while he was loaded into the ambulance. His brain was declared dead, and he never gained consciousness even while he was taken to the emergency.

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