Recover Deleted or Lost Android Photos/ Videos with or without computer

Many people have this tendency of deleting their photos, videos on Android phones because of the false operation so you do not need to worry. This post will take you close to the solutions and offer you some considerable solutions for the Android data recovery software- EaseUS MobiSaver for the Android and this advocates your photos, videos on the Android phone with or without computer. ( Read also : The Best face swap apps )

But even after having the best solutions there are many people who just panic about the solutions and they are like questioning every time. So there are tools dear readers and do not be panicked and just have some patience. 

Want to recover deleted/ lost photos/ videos back to Android phone without computer?

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However, you have many solutions for one problem but if you are looking for a direct recovery lost Android photos, videos or other data back for the phone without using a computer. The best Android data recovery app- Easeus MobiSaver for Android can help. 

You can even download it directly from the Google Play and install it on your android phone for your deleted/ lost android photos/ videos recovery now:


For ensuring the Android data recovery app can access your phone and find all the lost or deleted photos/ videos. So please do root Android device first 

So you can see how to perform Android photos/ videos recovery without touching or using the computer now.( Read also : Top 8 Amazing Password Manager Apps for Android )

Step 1 – You can launch the app on your phone and start scanning lost photos and videos by tapping the ‘START SCAN’ button. 

Step 2- Deleted Photos and videos now appear on the Screen 

Step 3 – Now tap on the settings.  You can go and set some preferences for letting the software scan and display some certain file size, file formats, etc. 

Step 4- When you complete the scanning process, select the displayed files and tap on the Recover. Tap on the eye icon. All of your recovered photos and videos will be kept safe and secured there. 

Restore lost Android photos/ videos with the computer 

All are looking for authentic and simpler solutions for the backup of your lost Android Photos and videos on your computer. You can even go for applying EaseUS MobiSaver for the Android computer version for getting your jobs done. 

You can go for other options like following these steps and getting it done even in an easier way.

Step 1 – Connect your Android phone to the computer:  now install and run EaseUS mobiSaver for the android and connect your Android phone for the system with USB cable. 

Now click on the ‘Start’ button this will help the software in recognizing and connecting to the device. 


As the software will only help in accessing the rooted android device, you can even make sure that your phone can be rooted before the recovery.  

Step 2 – Scan an android phone for finding all the present and lost data: when you connect it with your Android phone, the software then will quickly scan the device for finding all the existing and lost data included data. This is how you can easily go and receive photos, videos, and text messages etc data. This can you by picking up the right file types. 

Winding up 

These were the easiest steps which anyone can follow and keep their privacy maintained and safe. Also there are enough suggestions by following them that anyone can sort out these little issues into their life and enjoy their device journey. So keep your photos, videos and other important things safe and secured. 

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