PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X: Detailed comparison of Next-Gen Console Specs

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5 and revealed more of the next-gen console’s specs. Having those details in hand, we can start comparing the next-gen Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation. Ofcourse, we don’t have enough to give a perfect comparison between Project Scarlett and the PS5, but we can work on what is already available.

Here we look at the differences and similarities between Microsoft and Sony’s respective next-gen consoles. Though both companies haven’t made clear revelations, they have disclosed certain specifications for their respective consoles, as well as what those nitty-gritty numbers translate into in a performance sense. To cater to the increasing number of players who are choosing games digitally, both companies have laid out how storage will work on their next-gen consoles too. 

Release Date

Both consoles are currently scheduled to release within the same time frame targetting the holiday season in 2020. Keeping up with the tradition, Scarlett and PS5 will be going head to head during the biggest shopping window within the same year. Considering the costs, if you’re planning on buying both, you may want to begin saving now.


Both consoles will be offering a considerable upgrade when it comes to performance. Scarlett’s specs show a much stronger console than the Xbox One X, while the PS5 will have a similar improvement over the PS4 Pro.


Both Scarlett and the PS5 are using solid-state drives, or SSDs, this time around. PlayStation 5 users will get a noticeable improvement in the time it takes for a game to load on the next-gen console in comparison to the PS4 as a result. The same goes with Xbox Scarlett in comparison to Xbox One, which Microsoft has already confirmed at E3 2019; however by how much is yet to be announced. But, in the end, the results will vary by game.


We may have got a sneak peak of the PS5 controller through patent design images from Sony. It’s not clear yet if Sony will be calling this the DualShock 5, but looking at these early concepts, it looks pretty similar to the DualShock 4, but with a few massive changes: a USB-C charging port, larger triggers, and no more light bar.

The Xbox Scarlett however will be compatible with Xbox One controllers. Importantly the images of the actual Scarlett controller are yet to arrive.

Backwards Compatibility

Both Scarlett and PS5 will come with backwards compatibility support. Scarlett will support backwards compatibility with original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. What will and won’t be playable on PS5 is a little trickier, largely because of PSVR. Sony hasn’t declared whether their next-gen console will support the current-gen headset–which is compulsory for playing certain PS4 console exclusives, like Beat Saber.

Playable Games At Launch

Sony hasn’t announced any launch titles for PS5 so far, but we do know Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the Uncharted and Shadow of the Colossus remasters, is working on “a big one.” Microsoft has declared only one for Scarlett: Halo Infinite.

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