Proudly Sponsored Football Star Team Charity – Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja

Proudly Sponsored Football Star Team Charity - Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja
Proudly Sponsored Football Star Team Charity – Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja

Allied Wallet has made its name in the world as a leader of the digital payments industry. Not just that the company has earned its name in the field of business, but at the same time, it has contributed a lot to the society. The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet has got a global presence, and he is recognized as the leading provider of online credit card processing. Dr Andy Khawaja was the main sponsor for STAR TEAM Charity in a celebrity football game that was held in Monaco. The Allied Wallet has done a lot of programs and one such is that of the Football Star Team Charity. The World Stars Football Match was held between the Star Team MC and the Formula 1 Drivers Team, that has been featuring the names such as Prince Albert of Monaco, Fernando Alonso, Claudio Ranieri, Max Verstappen, Felipe Massa.

Allied Wallet: Monaco charity associations

The purpose of the Star Team is basically to collect funds for Monaco charity associations. It helped the underprivileged children in the world, and the team has done a lot to help these people do good. The Star Team has been recognized by the Monegasque Government. It has got its name in the field of a sports association to help the children of the world. The company has held over fifty events, and it is proud to gain such popularity over the years. The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja strongly identifies with their mission. He says that it is important to give it back to the society that has done so much for it. He has sponsored many events around the world to protect the youth such as Action Innocence in Geneva, Switzerland. He said that it is essential to take steps for the society, and it is the responsible of the team to keep doing! Every company should keep a count of the charity that it does, and with such immense dedication, the company has made things possible.

Dr Andy Khawaja: Creating opportunities for the underprivileged

“We need to stand up for the children because they are our future. We need to be the voice for those who cannot speak out, said Khawaja.” He further said that it is essential to believe in creating opportunity for underprivileged youth. He further thanked the sponsors like Allied Wallet and Hublot, as well as, its promoters, and organizers.  The event was very successful in generating funds that will benefit children all over the world. Allied Wallet has made things possible through the years, and thus, it has decided to dedicate the money that it makes on improving the conditions of the underprivileged children so as to help them grow. He said that it is important to help people grow, and it requires nothing other than just a motif of doing so!

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