Prince Georgians Should Prepare For Obamacare Premium Hike


Obamacare was designed to provide Americans with affordable healthcare insurance coverage. Another benefit was insurance providers participating in the exchange were not allowed to deny applicants coverage, with preexisting illnesses. Americans was definitely excited about this great opportunity to get healthcare insurance, since millions were either denied coverage before or unable to afford the monthly premium.Hope soon drained away, leaving many feeling let down by President Obama’s promise. It was discovered early on that premiums and deductibles were much higher that anyone could anticipate. There was also the promise, “You can keep your healthcare provider”, which proved to be a total fallacy. However, some Americans have benefited from Obamacare, especially those living below the poverty level or earning less than the median annual income level.

Individuals that do not meet the requirements, to deem them eligible for subsidies, will be left out in the cold. Today, millions of Americans are still uninsured and lack the financial means or desire to enroll in Obama’s signature healthcare plan. Open enrollment is set to kick off in less than 48 hours and hundreds of Prince Georgians are preparing to enroll, as premiums continue to increase.

In 2017, Marylanders will face significantly higher premiums, with a rate increase of not less than 20 percent. The rate hike has been determined to be the result of older, sicker customers. Insurers participating in the federally run exchange are tapping out, because they can’t seem to figure out a way to make the economics work. Some customers will also be left with only a single provider option next year. Aetna and UnitedHealth Group have already withdrawn from most states, with more surely to join them in the near future.

Healthcare plan policy options have also been reduced from 38 to 19, since the last enrollment. The Affordable Care Act may now be even more of a political issue than one would have ever imagined.

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