Prince George’s County Police Obtain New Technology Capable Of Safely Stopping Dirt Bikes, ATVs


The Prince George’s County Police Department partnered with the Maryland State Police in an effort to enforce laws regarding illegal dirt bike and ATV use on highways and county roadways.

Fifty PGPD officers and 25 troopers will work together to over through Labor Day to keep unlicensed off-road vehicles off public roadways. Troopers and officers will record and take photographs of operators riding in restricted areas. Drivers will face fines and confiscation of their dirt bikes and ATVs.


Deflating devices have been utilized by law enforcement agencies nationwide to safely stop feeling suspect’s vehicle. While these devices worked great for stopping vehicles, they were not designed to stop off-road vehicles.

The PGPD has obtained an innovative deployment device that pokes holes in the tires, causing air to release and deflation over a period of time. Once the driver crosses over the deployment device, they will be forced slow down and ultimately stop.

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