Prince George’s County Police Department Looking To Hire 350 Police Officers

The Prince George’s County Police Department is stepping up their game, with plans to hire 350 new law enforcement officers over the next two years. By July, the department hopes to have 150 new officers hired, but applicants will need to prove their physical abilities and critical thinking skills, before they are even considered for a position.


Prince George's County Police Department

The physical requirement test is administered to potential recruits most every Thursday morning. Participants must perform as many sit-ups and push-ups within a one-minute time period and complete a 1.5 mile challenge as quickly as possible. Along with the physical agility test, a 95 question written multiple-choice test, with a two-hour time limit, must be passed.


Prince George's County Police Department Physical Requirement Test

All potential recruits must undergo a polygraph, drug test, and physical examination and give authorization for an extensive fingerprint background and credit history check.

The department offers careers in patrol and specialized units, such as special operations, intelligence, forensics, criminal and regional investigations.

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