Prince George’s County, Maryland Automated Red Light Enforcement System

According to the Maryland State Highway Administration (Maryland SHA), motor vehicle accidents at signalized intersections are often linked to red light running. The Maryland SHA has worked diligently to put a stop red light running and reduce MVAs. The only countermeasure that appears to be working is the red light camera. Many citizens have concerns about the automated enforcement system, classifying it as a “money grab”.


Prince George's County Red Light System


Running a red light entails failing to stop for a traffic control signal. Motorists must come to a compete stop at the stop line and remain there until the light turns green. When making a right or left turn on red, motorists must come to a complete stop before venturing ahead. Motorists that proceed into the intersection after the signal turns red will be captured on photo and/or video and receive a citation.

Of course, no one wants to be forced to pay for a traffic citation that is not issued by real law enforcement officials. Prince George’s County police officers are spread throughout the county, so they can initiate quick response to urgent and non-urgent calls. Quicker response can reduce the severity of injuries suffered by victims and other damages caused by criminal activities. The automated red light enforcement system has been very effective in reducing red light running and MVAs, since the law went into effect in October 1997. Contrary to believe, red light violations have also been reduced by 40%, so the system has proven to be very effective.

Red Light Citation

Prince George’s County red light citations are $75.00, without accumulation of any interest. Even though payment is an admission of guilt, the citation is kept separate from your driving record and no action is taken against your driver’s license. The county does not oversee the video or still-photo camera system. There are several companies contracted to provide these services, along with the citation process. Most individuals are under the impression that the main purpose of this system is to increase the state and county budget. This is a huge misconception, because system has been integrated into the county’s goal in reducing red light violations and MVAs.

If the citation is not paid by the due date, your vehicle registration may be flagged and a flag fee may be imposed. If you lose your citation, please contact Prince George’s County at 1(866) 979-4824. The motorist can contest the violation, but they must appear in District Court 5 days prior to the due date. Please bring the citation with you, along with the completed form located at the bottom of the citation. Those that appear in court will only be imposed a maximum charge of $40. The ombudsman can also address written complaints and concerns.

Many states have found the red light enforcement system very useful. In fact, many of them are adding additional cameras to their existing system, because they are so effective. Last week, Alexandria, Virginia announced a new addition to their Red Light Photo Safety Program. The camera is expected to go live on August 22, 2016, with a warning period of 30 days.

Each violation is reviewed by real police officers, before the citation is mailed to the vehicle owner. Payments can be made online, by phone, or mail. Walk-in payments are also accepted at the Customer Service Center. The forms of payment accepted include cash, money order, personal check, credit card, and certified checks.

Online credit card payments must include the citation number and can be made at the following website:

Payments by Phone can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1(844) 599-7653

Payments by Mail must be made in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or certified check. Please make payable to Prince George’s County, Maryland and mail to:

Prince George’s County, Maryland
Automated Enforcement Program
PO Box 13286
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Walk-In Payments are accepted at the Customer Service Center during business hours:

6315 Seabrook Road
Suite 114
Lanham, Maryland 20706
Hours: Mon-Fri – 8:30am-5pm

Red Light Camera Locations:

Adelphi Road (Route 212/Riggs Road)
Allentown Road (Brinkley Road)
Allentown Road (Temple Hill Road)
Iverson Street (23rd Place)
Marlboro Pike (Brooks Drive)
Marlboro Pike (Donnell Drive)
Route 210 (Audrey Lane)
Route 210 (Farmington Road)
Route 210 (Kerby Hill Road)
Route 210 (Route 228)
Route 210 (Route 373/Livingston Road)
Route 223 (Old Branch Avenue)
Route 3 (Route 450)
Route 301 (Governor Bridge Road)
Route 301 (Old Indian Head Road)
Route 301 (Pointer Ridge Drive)
Route 301 (South Osborne Road)
Route 4 (Route 337)
Route 410 (64th Avenue)
Route 410 (Ager Road)
Route 410 (Route 450)
Route 414 (Saint Barnabas Road/Winston Drive)
Route 450 (Princess Garden Parkway)
Route 458 (Silver Hill Road/Marlboro Pike)
Route 5/301 (Cedarville Road)
Route 5/301 (McKendree Road)
Sheriff Road (Village Green Drive)
Suitland Road (Regency Parkway)
Old Baltimore Pike (Ammendale Road)
Old Branch Avenue (Kirby Road)

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