Prince George’s County Maryland Correctional Center Information

The Prince George’s County Correctional Center is located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The medium security facility’s main goal is to provide inmates with a safe, clean, and secure environment until they are released or sentenced. During their stay, inmates are given opportunities to participate in various rehabilitative programs that will help them acclimate back into the community. The correctional center facilitates between 1,200 to 1,500 inmates, with about 600 staff members.
Booking Processing

Everyone admitted to the facility must undergo the booking process, which takes place in the Intake Housing unit. The procedure involves paperwork, mug shot, fingerprinting, property cataloging, body search, health screening, and overview of facility operations. The inmate’s personal belongings, except court documents are collected and personal clothing is exchanged for inmate attire. All inmates are permitted one outfit for court proceedings 24-hours prior to court ordered appointment. Formal and casual attire will only be accepted. Sneakers, sweatpants, and boots are unacceptable.

  • Property can be exchanged on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between the hours of 9am-1pm and;
  • Saturday and Sunday between 9am-1pm

If you would like to visit an inmate in the Correctional Center, you must follow the visitation schedule. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to be granted visitation. The visitation schedule is broken down, so every unit will be permitted at least one visit a week. Weekly visiting hours are 4:30pm to 9pm and weekend visiting hours are 8am to 1:30pm and 4:30 to 9pm. All visitors much register, before being granted permission to visit a specific inmate. Registration begins 30 minutes prior to visitation.

H1, H2, Intake Housing, JuvenilesH3, H14, H15, Medical Unit, Intake Housing, JuvenilesH4A, H4B, H5, H6, H7, H16, H17, Intake Housing, JuvenilesH8, H9, H11B, Medical Unit, Intake Housing, JuvenilesH8, H9, H10, Intake Housing, JuvenilesH1, H2, H3, H4A, H4B, H5, H6, H14, H16, Medical Unit, Intake Housing, JuvenilesH7, H8, H9, H10, H11B, H15, H17, Intake Housing, Juveniles
2 30-min visits/wk2 30-min visits/wk2 30-min visits/wk2 30-min visits/wk2 30-min visits/wk2 30-min visits/wk2 30-min visits/wk

H12 and the H3 female intake section are only allowed one visit per week. Juveniles, who participate in the JACS Program, housed in H11-A are permitted three 30-minute visits per week. Court designated visitors are permitted contact visits with clients, which will take place in the visiting booth of the associated housing unit.

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Telephone Calls

The staff at Prince George’s County Correctional Center encourages family and friend involvement. A special telephone system was designed specifically for inmates. This system handles outgoing calls for a small fee (collect or debit calls only). During the booking process, new inmates are only permitted telephone calls to bondsmen or relatives. Incoming calls to inmates are not accepted, but in emergency situations the chaplain (see below for phone number) will assist in putting your message through to the inmate. If you feel the emergency is urgent, you may contact the Operations Commander’s Office (see below for phone number).

Relatives may set up a telephone account that will permit incoming calls from an inmate, by contacting Inmate Telephone Incorporated (see below for phone number). Once the account is created, you can add money, check account activity, and download monthly statements at the vendor’s official website (see below for link). There are also two EZ-Deposit kiosks set up in the Correctional Center reception area, so you can deposit money (cash and credit card only) in the account.

The fees can also be debited to the inmate’s institutional account. It is important to note that a fee will be charged for each deposit ranging from $2.50-11.50, with no minimum deposit required. If you would like to block incoming calls from specific inmates, you can contact the ITI Customer Service or the Department of Corrections Information services (see below for phone number).

Institutional Account

Inmates are not permitted to keep valuables or money on their persons. These are collected during the intake process. Valuables are secured in the Finance Office and money is deposited into an institutional account in the inmate’s name. When the inmate is released, they can collect these items at the Finance Office or request to have them mailed to their physical address.

Finance Office Hours:
Monday – 11am-1pm and 2:30pm-6pm
Tues through Friday – 11am-1pm and 2:30pm-6pm

Money or credit card deposits are accepted at the two EZ-Deposit kiosks in the Reception area or online at ConnectNetwork. Deposits are not posted to the inmate’s institutional account until the next business day. A fee will be charged for each deposit, depending on the amount deposited.

Incoming Mail

 Incoming mail must be addressed with both the sender and recipient’s legal name (no nicknames accepted). All correspondence, including greeting cards must be sealed in a white envelope. Letters must be drafted on standard lined or plain white paper (colored stationary will be rejected). Photos should be no larger than 4” X 6” and no more than 5 per envelope will be accepted. Books or magazines will not be accepted, since inmates have access to the law and pleasure library.

Envelopes should be addressed as follows:
(Inmates Name)
Prince George’s County Correctional Center
13400 Dille Drive
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

Release Day

When the inmate is due to be released, family and friends are welcome to pick them up. All outstanding charges must be paid, before the release is finalized. There may be a waiting period of 4-6 hours, depending on the type of release being processed. The Reception area is available to anyone that wishes to utilize it.

Inmates that cannot arrange a pick up may utilize the public bus transportation service. The first bus arrives at 6am, running every hour, and the last bus departs at 6:40pm to Addison Road and 6pm to New Carrollton. There is a $1.00 fee for this service, but newly released inmates who have no money may show the driver their release papers to ride for free.

The Correctional Center also provides van service for free of charge, between 6pm-9: 30pm. The van service provides transportation to the Courthouse, Landover Metro Station, Addison Road Metro, and Penn Mar Shopping Center. The last run only goes to Addison Road.

Inmate Lookup

You can look up active inmates in the Prince George’s County Correctional Center by conducting an “Inmate Database Search” (link provided below)

Prince George’s County Correctional Center
13400 Dille Drive
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

Property Exchange Form Information: (301) 952-7033

Operations Commander’s Office: (301) 952-7082

Department Chaplain: (301) 952-7090

Inmate Telephone Incorporated: 1(888) 949-3303

Department of Corrections Information Services: (301) 952-7368

Finance Office: (301) 952-7147 open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm

Inmate Database Search: 

ConnectNetwork website:

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