Police Planting Drugs On Body Camera Footage Prompts Baltimore Prosecutors To Dismiss 34 Drug/Gun Cases

After body camera footage surfaced of Officer Richard Pinheiro planting drugs in a tin can, city officials dismissed felony gun and drug charges in 34 cases.

Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office said on Friday that another body camera video has also been flagged and sent to Internal Affairs. A description of the video was not released, but police said it “involves two arrests and the recovery of drugs from a car during a traffic stop.” There was a brief gap in the footage prior to the recovery of more drugs.

Mosby said the 34 cases dismissed were connected to first video and more are expected in the future.

maryland officer pinheiro

An additional 12 cases linked to the first video involve defendants who are currently incarcerated. Prosecutors will move forward on the support of “independent corroborative evidence.”

Seventy-seven cases linked to the officers in the first video are pending and still under review, Mosby said.

Officer Pinheiro has been suspended pending the internal investigation. Officers Jamal Brunson and Hovhannes Simonyan are seen in the video watching Pinheiro place a plastic bag with white capsules in a tin can and placing it in a littered lot. Brunson and Simonyan have been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation.

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