Police: Arrest Made In Connection With Shooting Over Chicken Bones; Man Robs Fells Point Business A Second Time

In October 2016, Eric Chapman held up a store clerk in an attempted robbery at a convenience store in Fells Point. Chapman, 20, was identified and charged with attempted armed robbery.

Chapman, of the 800 block of East Chase Street, spent 8 months in jail before being released on June 6. Less than a month after his release, Chapman returned to the Broadway Convenience Store, where the initial attempted robbery occurred, to make a second robbery attempt.

Coincidentally, the store clerk working at the convenience store in the 500 block of South Broadway in October was also working on June 26. This time Chapman handed the clerk a note, demanding the money from the cash register or be shot, police said.

In the first robbery attempt, Chapman got spooked and fled the area, before the clerk could manage to the get the cash register open. The store clerk provided the responding police officers with a description of the suspect. Shortly after, police apprehended Chapman and charged him with attempted armed robbery.

During the second robbery attempt, the clerk activated a panic alarm and again Chapman fled the scene before police arrived.

Chapman is wanted for robbery, armed robbery and first- and second-degree assault. He was still at large on Friday, police said.

In April, an altercation over chicken bones lead to a double shooting. A 56-year-old man confronted two young people for throwing bones in the Harlem Park. After fleeing the area, the two suspects returned and opened fire, hitting the 56-year-old man in the leg. A 90-year-old woman was also grazed in the foot.

The incident occurred in the 1800 block of Harlem Avenue. The victims were transported to area hospitals, where they were treated for their gunshot wounds. Gerald Gaffney, of the 3500 block of West Garrison Avenue, was charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, police said.

The 26-year-old had been charged in connection with a 2013 double shooting in the 2700 block of Kinsey Avenue in Southwest Baltimore. In November 2014, Gaffney was found not guilty.

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