Poker After Dark Season 13: Everything You Need to Know


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Fans anticipating the return of the popular television series Poker After Dark are in luck, as the show comes out with its thirteenth season. Poker After Dark provides an intimate look at a poker table as it progresses over the week. Blinds start at $100-$200 and slowly escalate, while a commentator and sideline reporter provides limited insight, allowing viewers to hear table talk among the players. The show was initially structured as a series of week-long No Limit Texas Hold’em mini-tournaments for six top poker players; each week, players compete for a $120,000 winner-takes-all prize pool, with each paying a $20,000 buy-in. But since season 4, the producers began to experiment with different formats to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

What Is The Release Date Of Poker After Dark Season 13?

The first episode of Poker After Dark Season 13 premiered last July 19, 2021, with new episodes available every Monday, and 1-3 episodes released weekly. The first half of the new season features five different lineups, and a total of 12 episodes have been made available so far. The Poker After Dark series was revived by PokerGo after being called off by NBC and is now solely available to said streaming site’s subscribers.

Who Will Be Starring In It?

A fresh batch of players will be making their debuts and include Arden Cho, Ryan Feldman, Zach Franzi, Melissa Schubert, Jon Aguiar, Ema Zajmovic, and Nick Wright. Familiar faces such as Phil Hellmuth and Matt Berkey will be joined by Daniel Negreanu, Eli Elezra, Maria Ho, and Bruce Buffer, while Ali Nejad will continue to be the show’s host. Veronica Brill will also continue as the show’s sideline reporter, well known for being the whistleblower of an infamous poker cheating scandal that happened in 2019 involving Mike Postle.

The “King of Poker After Dark”, Phil Hellmuth is appearing on three different weeks during Season 13 and is expected to extend his lead across the board. However, because Negreanu and Elezra are also returning to Poker After Dark after a season-long hiatus, they’ll both have the chance to rise on the overall leaderboard of Poker After Dark players.

What Is The Synopsis of Poker After Dark Season 13?

For season 13 of Poker After Dark, several episodic arcs have been released, namely “The Nosebleeds”, “Action Arden”, “Feeding Franzi”, “Fight Night”, and “Everything is in its Wright Place”. Season 13 was filmed exclusively inside the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort and Casino. The debut episode started with a bang, requiring a $40,000 minimum buy-in with no max for a $200-300 no-limit Hold’em. By the end of the pilot, the winner was able to up an impressive $69,000, and the biggest stack amounted to a whopping $128,000.

Phil Hellmuth is one of the three players who hold the most Poker After Dark wins. Despite this, FS1’s Nick Wright has been openly planning to end Hellmuth’s ‘Duel’ win streak. The sports personality claims that he has the advantage of being an unknown player compared to Hellmuth, while Hellmuth, on the other hand, has several plays available online — all to be studied and analyzed. The duo’s battle is definitely something fans are anticipating. With some of the poker world’s most exciting bets, calls, and bluffs, you may want to brush up on your knowledge via a beginner’s guide to poker to keep up with the show’s twists and turns. Knowing the card rankings as well as the betting mechanics will no doubt help you keep up with the series’ pace.

Twelve seasons after its first, fans are craving for more — and Poker After Dark is here to deliver. Click here to read another one of our poker series features: “Kakegurui Season 3: What To Expect From The Third Season” or check out our blog for more.

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