Plastic Wrap Noose Found On University Of Maryland Campus


Tuesday, law enforcement was called to the University of Maryland after students found what they described as a “noose”. The alleged “noose” was found near fraternity row on campus. After a brief investigation, the police department with the school released a statement, in which the item was identified as knotted plastic wrap. Officers were initially called out of concern for possible hate-bias.

The department confirmed their preliminary investigation revealed that the type of material was frequently used to protect loose items during transportation. Nevertheless, they reassured students that officers would continue to investigate “out of an abundance of caution.” Several students at the scene complained that law enforcement was dismissive of the claim.

Later, one student tweeted out an image of the plastic wrap, while urging viewers to form their own opinion.

Plastic Noose

This is not the first time a noose was found on campus. In April, a noose was discovered in a fraternity house kitchen. The nearby American University campus was the spot of another incident just a week later. There, a handful of nooses and bananas were discovered hanging nearby. The bananas were defaced with initials of one of the school’s predominantly African American sororities.

Earlier this month, a string of similar incidents occurred in Washington, D.C. One noose was located outside of the city’s National Gallery of Art. Three weeks earlier, locals discovered a noose less than a mile from the Hirshorn contemporary art museum. And finally, a noose was discovered on the grounds of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. On May the 11th in Baltimore, Maryland, two 19-year-old men were arrested after a teacher alleged they were attempting to hang a noose from a light fixture outside of a middle school.

Unfortunately, most of these incidents go unresolved and the perpetrators remain unknown.

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