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Plastic Memories Season 2: Release Info, Rumors, Updates

About Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories Season 2: Plastic Memories (aka Purasutikku Memorīzu) is an anime series released in the year 2015. The director of the Japanese series is Yoshiyuki Fujiwara and the production is led by Doga Kobo. The anime fans loved the series and are eagerly waiting for Plastic Memories Season 2.

To know more about Plastic Memories Season 2 read the article till the end. You will know the release date of Plastic Memories Season 2 and the expected plot.

Main Characters

Plastic Memories Season 2:

Tsukasa Mizugaki – Tsukasa is a teen who failed in college. The character decided to work with Terminal service after the hardships faced. He came closer to Islas who worked with him in the organization.

Isla – She is a veteran working in the organization. Her looks are simple yet unrevealing her true emotions. She is a little clumsy and childish. When Tsukasa joined, she was left with very few hours of her lifespan.

Setting of Series

Plastic Memories Season 2: The story is set in a time where human life has been taken over by machines. Humans are merely dependent on these devices. However, the time shows peace and majorly relied on Artificial Intelligence. Those AI figures have every human characteristic including feelings. This also becomes the source of confusion to distinguish between the two.

The time shows the AI race instead of the human race. Every android is trying to compete with the other. ‘Giftia’ is then launched which looks the same as humans. But there was a disadvantage that the AI would tear down after a period of time. They can be reprogrammed thereafter.

Giftia isn’t functional after its expiry date. The lifespan is approximately 9 years similar to the lifespan of a dog. Two agents are responsible for the Giftia maintenance and expiration one is the Marksmen and the other is Spotter. A spotter is human whereas the other is AI. The separation is the toughest part for the owners as 9 years is a long time with a human-like figure.

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Plastic Memories Season 2: The main protagonist is Tsukasa who works at the organization. He failed college because of some medical issues. Tsukasa is a spotter. He went on to training with his partner Isla who is a Giftia. They are given the situation of the owner Chizu Shirohana. However, she denied giving his Giftia Nina back because of attachment. They tried hard to explain the situation but in vain.

Isla talked to Nina and she agreed to go with them. Then the lady allowed them to take her too. She apologized to Nina for not letting her go. The Gifts are the best portrayal of human emotions and life. They successfully returned to the organization which their mission completed. However, they were not able to do the other assignments given thereafter.

Tsukasa thought his partner to be incapable of the task by seeing her performance. After failing they were given warnings. Tsukasa took the blame on him. He knew that something’s wrong with Isla. Isla felt bad for failing the team because of her. They then concluded that Tsukasa will be in charge of the communication with the owner.

Everyone saw her weak performance and considered it to be the effect of aging. Her abilities were expected to decline day by day. Tsukasa was unaware of this fact and doubted something going else going on with her. However, this time they succeeded with their mission.

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