PJ’s Pub Will Shutter Its Doors After Service Tonight

Jerry Smith, owner of PJ’s Pub, announced the closing of an establishment that has served the Johns Hopkins community for years. PJ’s Pub was established and 1984 and a little over a year later, it was acquired by Smith.

The bar was initially scheduled to close August 30, but details of the sale have accelerated the closing, so it will shutter tonight instead. Smith, 67, formerly of Jersey City, New Jersey, said he feels it is now time to close the bar, but the decision to do so was not bittersweet.

PJ's Pub

Johns Hopkins’ staff, student body and alumni packed the Charles Village bar to watch sports and munch down on burgers, pizza and tacos.

Smith has lived in Maryland for almost 40 years and plans to relocate to Delaware within the next year.

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