PGPD’s Marine Unit Rescues Construction Workers From Woodrow Wilson Bridge


Prince George’s County, Maryland – The Special Operations Division’s Marine Unit helped rescue construction workers whose crane was struck during a fatal collision on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Construction Workers Rescued

On Wednesday, June 20th, at approximately 11:00 am, while patrolling the waters of the Potomac River, our Marine Unit heard a boom and saw an explosion on the nearby Wilson Bridge. The officers raced into help while notifying area public safety agencies of the unfolding emergency.   As the crew arrived at the bridge, they positioned their boat directly underneath three workers who were dangling off the bridge in a construction bucket and were trapped.

The conditions were dangerous with thick smoke and fire consuming an accident scene just above the trapped men.  Diesel fuel was spilling down, but our marine boat had to stay locked in position in case any of the workers fell.  Fairfax Fire Department personnel on the bridge helped to lower each of the construction workers down to our officers on the boat below and our crew got the men to safety one-by-one.

PGPD Sergeant Charles Perry said, “These officers did an outstanding job!  They saw danger and rushed right to it. At one point the diesel fuel was on fire as it was falling down on the officers.   We have taken the marine unit boat out of service because it is now covered in fuel.  We couldn’t be more proud of their quick actions this morning.”

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