Peter Franchot: Honored to serve as Md. comptroller

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot has been in the limelight for four decades now. The charismatic Democrat is said to maintain his position as the tax collector for approximately four years for choosing to seek re-election. Franchot, 75, decided to run for the governor and became the first person to announce his campaign. He even finished third during the primary election this summer. Belinda Queen of Prince George’s County has voted for Franchot and is a major supporter of former Prince George’s County Councilmember Monique Anderson-Walker.

Queen’s statement: Franchot

Queen has said, “You didn’t hear anything bad about him. Any extra money available in the state should go to the little people. Eggs are now $7. If any extra money is available, the District of Columbia always does it. The state of Maryland should do the same thing. I’m hoping that happens shortly.” Franchot has a couple of weeks left in the office before Comptroller-elect Brooke Lierman (D) gets sworn in on the national holiday of observing the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr, Jan 16. Franchot will leave behind 16 years as comptroller, wherein he had served as one of the state’s most influential bodies, the Board of Public Works. He sat with two governors and two state treasurers and has approved billions of dollars in school construction projects, government contracts, and other measures.
Franchot’s statement in an interview at his Annapolis office
Franchot said, “I hope I’ll be able to work with kids and help connect them more to the real world of the modern economy.” He added, “It’s not just a financial literacy hurdle that I, Jay Walker, and others were talking about. It’s whether something can be done systemwide to maximize the good things out there already.” Franchot talked about his reign in public service and was shying away from partisan politics while, at the same time, offering some advice for those running for an elected office.

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