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Percy Jackson Television Show Know All The New Details About It

Do you remember the Percy Jackson series of books? Well, they’re finally getting a TV show! The first few books in the series were adapted into adventure-filled movies.

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Now, Rick Riordan has confirmed the books will be featured as a television series soon which will air on Disney+.

The first film was adapted into a movie under the name “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief”. The movie was released in 2010. The film was able to make a lot of money, but due to many deviations from the books, it didn’t make fans very happy.

A sequel titled “Sea Of Monsters” was released in 2013 and did not perform as well at theaters around the world. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that Disney+ is going down the same path with its Percy Jackson TV show!

Releasing the Television Series of Percy Jackson will Take a While

There had been frustration around the audience because the 3rd film had no news. However, this is normal because the television series has to be released first. According to new reports for 2021, Disney+ will release its Percy Jackson TV Show!

Percy Jackson was a successful book franchise written by Rick Riordan and had five books published in total. Riordan has confirmed the release of a TV Show named “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”.

There is a massive fan following for this book series, and the fans are happy because Disney+ has decided to make Percy Jackson their first TV Show.

The series will soon have the filming process to begin. If everything goes as planned, we can expect the release of the TV Show by 2023. Since there is no confirmation regarding the release date of the series, fans are not sure when they will be able to watch Percy Jackson on TV.

The theme of the First Season of the TV Series Percy Jackson

The first season of Percy Jackson will be the adaptation of the book The Lightning Thief. The show will begin with Percy finding out that he is the son of Poseidon. Following this, Percy will have his first-ever face-off with Camp Half-Blood.

The beginning will also have Percy touring around America and searching for a way into the underworld. He will search for Zeus’s lightning bolt.

Percy will be seen along with his friends Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, and Tyson. Together they will have an encounter with the Greek God Ares. We are hoping to see a lot of live-action in the first season.

The rumors say that the series will have each season for each book. This means that there will be a total of five seasons.

The Television Show will be Much Better than the Films

Riordan has considered the first film as a “tremendous learning experience” and is looking forward to work with the Disney+ team instead. He has promised that there will be no deviations from his books in this adaptation.

The TV show is expected to give justice to all of Riordan’s beloved characters, especially those who had less screen time.

There will be a lot of improvement in terms of special effects and CGI. The TV show is expected to be better than the movies. But it will still leave fans wanting more after each episode ends!

Rick Riordan announces new Percy Jackson TV series coming to Disney+ |

There are rumors that there might even be spin-offs for some characters in the future if this upcoming series gets good reviews from both critics and viewers alike. The possibilities are endless. And we can only wait for Disney+ to let us know the release date.

Casting for the tv show has Already Begun

We are very eager to know the faces behind each character. We have high expectations for the casting department to do a good job this time around. Considering that they had deviated from Rick Riordan’s original description of Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief movie, which upset many fans already then.

Many big names have been suggested for the role of Percy Jackson. Logan Lerman might be interested in returning to the show. But, he has not confirmed the idea. We will see some of our favorite characters like Grover and Annabeth return to the show again.

Besides Logan Lerman, we also want Alexandra Daddario to join the team as well. She has been a part of every sequel for this series so far. And she is very close with Rick Riordan himself too! We would love to see her on-screen one more time!

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