Owner Put Former St. John’s Assisted Living On The Market

The owner of a dilapidated Butchers Hill rooming house, formerly the home of St. John’s Assisted Living, is looking to sell the property.

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church has hired Misha Guy, a real estate agent, to handle the sale of the property, which has an estimated value of $900,000. The nearly one-quarter of an acre and the 1940 building is expected to bring around $1.5 million.

St. John's Assisted LivingThe state suspended the license of the St. John’s Assisted Living center on South Patterson Park Avenue, due to lack of a permit and the condition of the building. It was later transformed into a rooming house, which was shut down by the city in May.

The city has taken the necessary steps to ensure a developer acquires the property, so it will be renovated.

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