Owner Of Green Revolution Gets 18 Months In Prison For Failing To Report $950K To IRS


Acting U.S. Attorney Louis D. Lappen announced Thursday the owner of Plug-In Manufacturing and Green Revolution was sentenced to 18 months in prison for filing false tax returns and structuring cash deposits of marijuana sales proceeds to avoid reporting requirement.

Judge And JurySixty-one-year-old Bradley Mark Cohen of Ottsville, Pennsylvania owned and operated Plug-In Manufacturing and Green Revolution that sold “green energy products to residential and commercial customers. Instead of reporting more than $950,000 on his tax returns, Cohen utilized the money to pay home improvements and personal living expenses. He treated that money as business expenses, which he deducted from his income.

Between January 1, 2014 and September 18, 2015, Cohen received more than $143,000 in marijuana proceeds. He deposited the proceeds in his bank account in amounts less than $10,000 each to evade the bank’s currency transaction reporting requirements.

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