Owner Of Computer Insight Learning Center Gets Two-Year Prison Sentence For $2.8M Fraud

Acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick announced Monday the owner of Computer Insight Learning Center was sentenced to two years in prison for stealing $2.8 million the Department of Labor and Department of Veterans Affairs.

PrisonFifty-two-year-old Elizabeth Honig of Morganville, New Jersey enrolled 182 into a program funded by the VA and Department of Labor. The program provides unemployed, older veterans with training, so they can find employment in high demand occupations. The veterans enrolled in the program were either not attending or not eligible for the training, according to court documents.

The Veteran’s Retraining Assistance Program offers military veterans between the ages of 35 and 60 up to 12 months of benefits. The VA approved Honig’s program to provide veterans eligible for VRAP training and education. The14-week course cost the VA about $4,000.

Honig enrolled over 100 veterans for her Business Software Applications Program. To ensure the veterans qualified for funding from the VA, she lied about their employment status. Honig also certified that the veterans enrolled in her program – not an online course – were in class full-time, but 62 of the veterans lived in another state.

Honig permitted veterans to stop attending, attend less than the required hours or never attend at all without reporting it to the VA.

In addition to the 2-year prison term, Honig was ordered to forfeit $1,274,154 and pay $2,831,455 restitution.

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