One of the Largest Hong Kong FinTech Companies – Title acquired by Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja has made a very significant contribution in the digital payments industry, and thus, the company could recently earn the title of ‘Global Fintech company’ very recently. Allied Wallet has been operational across 196 countries around the world, and is currently being in the headlines for announcing their acquisition of the E-payment, which is known as one of the largest financial technology companies in Hong Kong. Tracing the past record of just a decade, we can find out that Allied Wallet has made a record-breaking growth. Its growth in the Fintech space is simply remarkable and the team has expanded its offering in numerous countries including that of Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Vietnam, Peru, and many more. Certainly, the company is looking for ways to reach out to each and every customer so that they could fetch products and services at ease without any trouble dealing with transactions. This, in turn, will also help the businesses to flourish thereby, enabling them to endure an economy boost as a whole. 

Allied Wallet serving as a medium to connect the buyers with the sellers and vice-versa

While it has been a trouble for the monsoons to make their products available across the online E-Commerce platform only due to the fact that there was no easy transaction medium for them to receive the payments. On the other hand, this same issue was a matter of concern for the buyers as well as they had no reliable transaction medium to make the transfer of payments to the sellers from whom they are fetching their products and services. One of the major problems was related to the privacy and security concerns of the transactions being made. With the continuous growth in the cyber-crime industry, this was a real matter to bother about! However, Allied Wallet upgraded its technology to the extent wherein there is no data breach and the sending and receipt of payments is absolutely safe and secure. There is no privacy peak at any point of transfer. 

E-payment acquired by Allied Wallet: Celebration in Hong Kong

Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet was extremely proud to share his acquisition of E-payment a few months ago as it did eventually boost the power of the users connect across the region. Dr Andy Khawaja said that he was well aware about the fact that if they could combine the features, products and functionality of Allied Wallet with the E-payment, we will be ae to have a leading product and service in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Allied Wallet has got a lot more to witness in the future days. He went on saying that around 86.3% of Hong Kong’s population were internet users and with the advent of digital payments’ industry, the e-commerce market in the region had received a boost. Thus, Allied Wallet has successfully marked its place as one of the global FinTech companies.

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