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Off-Season Ideas for Landscaping Businesses

Landscaping – it can be a rewarding career field but it’s also one that tends to be seasonal. This can be a bit aggravating sometimes, especially if you’re looking for a consistent job. 

While this might seem like a downside, the great news is you can continue your business even in the fall and winter. Below are a handful of off-season ideas to consider for your landscaping business. 

7 Off-Season Ideas for Landscapers

Offer Snow Removal

Snow removal is a frequent off-season service many landscape businesses provide. Whether it’s plowing a parking lot or icing home sidewalks, snow removal has a lot of potential. 

Depending on your focus, you’ll usually just need to make sure that your crew is dressed warmly and has strong shovels, sand, and snowblowers. If you plan to do more heavy-duty work though, you’ll need to ensure that you have a strong vehicle to get you around and the right equipment to plow and haul snow. 

Install Outdoor Lighting

It might be worthwhile to provide outdoor lighting installation. You can offer basic lighting resources, like hanging holiday lights, installing patio solar lighting, or outlining trees. 

Keep in mind that in some areas you might be required to have an electrician’s license to perform certain tasks. You’ll want to make sure to research any legal intricacies before offering such a service. 

Attempt Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is essential for any building. If the gutters get clogged with debris, it could lead to leaks and structural damage. With off-season gutter cleaning, you can help prevent these concerns. 

One of the biggest perks of this off-season job is that it doesn’t require much equipment. You generally just need a ladder, gloves, and bucket or tarp to haul the debris away. 

Remove Yard Debris

Strong winds and snow storms can leave behind a lot of leaves and sticks. You can provide yard cleaning services to remove them. Some clients might also request that you do other maintenance tasks, like dirt, stump, and log removal. You probably won’t need to buy extra equipment to do this as you more than likely already have what you need from your regular-season work. 

Winterize Sprinklers

As summer comes to a close, you could prep sprinklers for the cold season ahead. This removes any water left inside the system so it doesn’t freeze and crack the pipes. 

If you decide to go down this route, remember that you’ll need to purchase some pricey equipment, like a water reel, air compressor, and coupler. This investment will usually pay off though after a few jobs. 

Prepare Gardens for Spring

Another side hustle for landscape businesses could be to prep gardens for the spring, like planting bulbs or pruning bushes and trees.

You could even offer to amend the soil. By aerating and filling it with rich organic compost, it can boost a garden’s health and looks – something which many appreciate and which could help you gain life-long clients. 

Boost Marketing

While it might not involve physical work, the off-season gives you a chance to increase your customer range. By spending this time working creatively, you can build a strong base for seasonal work. 

While doing this, let your imagination roll. What do you want others to know about your service? Why should they choose you?

Besides the content, think about where you’d like to publish it. Do you want to purchase a TV ad or buy print space? These vary in their requirements and outreach so you’ll want to carefully consider which is ideal. 

You could also take this time to improve your website and social media pages. You can come up with eye-catching designs and ads to boost your interactions and potentially convert customers. 

Do I Need to Insure My Landscape Business?

Landscapers face plenty of risks while on the job and companies need to be protected should something serious happen, like an injury or equipment damage. This is why construction liability insurance is vital. 

Construction insurance typically comes in two forms – general liability and errors/omissions. As its name suggests, general liability covers typical/general risks you might face in your business. Errors/omission insurance provides financial care should a client accuse you of not doing the job correctly or charging them more than expected. 

Because of all the liability prospects that could harm either you or your company, it’s crucial that you’re insured. To save you time, you can even apply for construction insurance coverage online. 

Depending on your needs, you might also look to insure certain aspects of your business. Some other insurance options include:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto 
  • Tools and equipment

Off-season tasks can be a great way to keep your business busy. Whether it’s snow removal or gutter cleaning, these can help you stay active during the off-season. It also gives you time to confirm that you’re properly insured and marketing yourself well. 

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