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New Sonic Prime: Season 1 of the Animated Series!

The wait is now over! Sonic Prime Season 1 will be coming to Netflix rather soon. It will be in the form of a celebration for 30 years of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic will be a 3D CGI series.

The series will be an adaptation of the game Sonic Forces. For more detailed information, have a look at the facts below!

Release Date of Sonic Prime

The show had been announced on 10 December 2020. But due to some reasons, the show has been delayed. The show is now being planned to be launched soon. We only know that the show will have 24 episodes for the first season. Secondly, we can add that the show will be dropping next year.

Furthermore, there have been no updates from the creators yet about the release date of the show. But we can surely say that it will be a surprise for all Sonic fanatics if and when they finally announce its release date!

A film featuring Ben Schwartz as the Hedgehog was under development and released in 2020. But, there are no updates yet of the actors who will be playing other characters.

As for Sonic Prime, there is no information about its release date yet! But I am sure that it would make us happy if they finally announce it soon enough!

What will be the Cast of Sonic Prime?

As of now, without a teaser or a trailer, there is no update about the cast members of Sonic Prime yet! But I am certain that it would make the audience eager if they reveal who will be the stars for the upcoming show.

Sega, WildBrain, and Man of Action Entertainment are serving as the executive producers for Sonic Prime! So, I am sure that they would come up with a great show.

We can expect the cast of the movie to take a part in the show as well! But for now, there is no update about it. It would surely be an exciting thing if they release any new teaser or even a trailer anytime soon enough.

The Expected Plot of the Sonic Prime

It is very clear that the series will premiere a strange, new multiverse. We will have high octant adventures with Sonic and his friends.

Sonic Prime will not only entertain the children but also their parents as well! There are many things that we can expect from this show, such as a lot of action scenes and an introduction to new characters.

The characters of the show will have their own persona and will be very unique in their own way. It would surely be a treat to watch the series when it finally airs!

Teaser for Sonic Prime is Now Exclusively Available

If you have been waiting for the release of the teaser for Sonic Prime, then you’re in luck! A short trailer for the upcoming show has been released. This makes it very exciting for all of the players of the video game who had been waiting for this show to come out.

If you are interested in watching more updates about Sonic Prime, make sure that you follow their social media accounts and keep track of everything they post on there. We will keep you updated with future updates!

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