New Business Magazine publishes CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet, a global leading provider of online credit card processing and multi-currency merchant services, came up with a recent publication in the New Business Magazine. It tracks the growth of the best companies over the years. Recently, it published the achievements of the CEO, Andy Khawaja to count his speech on the digital payments industry. The CEO spoke regarding it with Nick Martindale of New Business. They talked upon various elements of the past and present, and also about the digital payments’ future. The Magazine released an article called the “Payments Revolution.” 

Mr Andy Khawaja talks of a big portion of his success in the previous year to the mobile payments, and how the company improved its services in terms of security. It also spoke about different aspects of the online business owners, thereby awarding the CEO with the title of the CEO of the Year. He mentions different hurdles that he has to encounter in terms of improving the security prospects of online transactions. He went on saying that his journey hasn’t been smooth. He had to see a lot of complications, along the way but nothing could stop him from achieving all that he had dreamt of!

Andy Khawaja analyzing the needs of the consumers

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja mentions that he has always been trying to analyze the requirements of the consumers. Thus, he keeps on travelling around the world all the time to make sure that Allied Wallet isn’t lagging behind anyway. He further added that he wants to understand the needs of the people, and all that they would require to improve their business. He had always wanted to make more money, and thus, eliminate problems for them. Dr Andy Khawaja answers all the questions that scare other organizations. The company also released all these answers in the Payments Revolution. Allied Wallet has always been looking for prospects to offer the best solutions when it comes to making international payments. They have always been looking to deal with hackers and potential breach points, as well as watching for ways to take over new markets. 

Andy Khawaja looking forward to give it back to the consumers

Martindale asks to Andy about mentioning the factors that drive him on, to which he reverts back saying that it is all about hard work. He had never set his goal as achieving money, but rather his prime focus has always been to work for the needs of the consumers, and that he has turned his business in a way so that he always has the solution to offer the best deals to his customers. He loves travelling around the world, and throughout his journey, he keeps on trying to find out a solution so that he could ensure implementing the best provisions within his organization by analyzing the trends, and thus incorporating them into work. 

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