New Bay Bridge Span Study Seeks Feedback On Nearby Bikers, Pedestrians

The Maryland Transportation Authority has launched a new study seeking feedback from the public on the impact of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on nearby bikers and pedestrians. The study will focus on a 22-mile-long and 2-mile-wide area known as Corridor 7, which runs from the Severn River Bridge on the Western Shore to the split of U.S. Route 50 and U.S. Route 301 on the Eastern Shore. The study is part of a larger effort to improve safety and accessibility for all bridge users.


Public Input Critical to Study’s Success

The study’s success will depend on the public’s participation, and the Maryland Transportation Authority is encouraging all interested parties to provide feedback. The study will include a series of public meetings, workshops, an online survey, and a comment form. The feedback received will inform the development of new infrastructure and safety improvements for the bridge, with a particular focus on the needs of bikers and pedestrians. The study is expected to take several months to complete, and the Maryland Transportation Authority has committed to keeping the public informed throughout the process.

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