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Netflix Pulls The Plug On Altered Carbon After Two Seasons

Netflix has officially canceled Altered Carbon after two seasons. This is not shocking news, as Altered Carbon was a costly production, and Netflix wasn’t making any money off of it. Altered Carbon was the most expensive show to ever be put on Netflix with a budget of $7 million per episode, which likely contributed to its downfall.

About the Altered Carbon:

Altered Carbon is a science fiction series where the human consciousness has been digitized and can be stored indefinitely. Altering your body’s physical appearance or even gender has become as easy as changing clothes, but death still exists because of one thing: When you die, your digital self dies with you.

This show follows ex-U.S. soldier Takeshi Kovacs who was re-sleeved into Detective Kristin Ortega’s body to investigate the murder of Laurens Bancroft, an extremely wealthy man who lives for centuries by having his head transplanted from one cloned body to another when his original body ages.

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When did Netflix decide to cancel the show?

In a statement to Variety, Netflix said:

“Altered Carbon is one of the most ambitious TV series ever made. It was our pleasure and honor to work with such an extraordinary team in bringing Brian K. Vaughan’s amazing story to life.”

“We are incredibly proud both of what we achieved creatively together and the strong impact Altered Carbon had around the world,” they continued. “Netflix will continue working aggressively on more original content now and in the future.”

The show premiered in February 2018 but has been canceled after two seasons due to low viewership ratings across countries including the USA, Brazil, Canada (where it airs as ‘Skyhaven’), Mexico, Germany, Australia etcetera which led them to pull its plug on the show.

Why Netflix canceled the Altered Carbon for Season 3?

Netflix has not given an official reason for why they canceled the show, but a likely theory is that it was due to low ratings.

It’s possible that it was canceled because viewership numbers were down and reviews weren’t so great, according to Deadline Hollywood in March 2021. The show currently has an average score of 70% per Rotten Tomatoes.

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