Netflix On The Verge: Review

Netflix On The Verge: Review And Other Major Details

On The Verge, created, written, and directed by Julie Delpy, attempts to take a look at four forty-something women trying to recapture the lives they treasured before families, work, and other commitments got in the way. It’s supposed to be a unique look at how women deal with their midlife crises; they don’t go buy sports cars as men might do, but nearing or passing the half-century mark is still jarring to them. Read on for more.

The Gist: “Almost Two Months Earlier” (also the name of the episode), Justine (Julie Delpy), a well-known chef who is writing a cookbook, has trouble finding a bodily cavity to describe a hole that has been torn out of her subject. No matter, she has to go to a birthday dinner for her friend Yasmin (Sarah Jones). She asks her husband Martin (Mathieu Demy) if he likes her dress; in his usual minimizing fashion, he tells her to put a jacket over it.

We also see the other two members of this friend group, all of whom live in a pre-pandemic Los Angeles, getting ready. Anne (Elisabeth Shue) sketches in her notebook as her family plays, while Ell (Alexia Landeau) has to scrape together change to buy a discounted bouquet of odorless roses.

At the dinner, Ell retells the story of a “date” she went on with Justine’s boss Jerry (Giovanni Ribisi). She talks to him about how, as a single mom of 3 teens/preteens from 3 different guys and on the verge of being broke, she’s about to break down. She gives him a blowie just as he’s about to give her a blank check to help her out. But the way Ell tells the story, one begat the other.

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What to know about Netflix On the Verge?

Jerry tells Justine about his sex addiction. Yasmin is trying to get back into the workforce after 12 years of being a mom, and on the way home, she tells her husband everything that happened at work and goes to the beach.

Anne remembers that when they met her, Yas had dramatic tendencies. She calls Justine and Ell to find her. Anne finds Yas first and asks her why she wants to be engaged again. She tells Anne that she wants to be the Black Persian woman again.

The show On the Verge feels like Girls but with people who are older. It is about how people in their midlife crisis feel.

Our Take: Delpy wrote the TV show On The Verge. She also directed five episodes of it. Her goal was to show how four women in different life situations are trying to get what they want out of life. But the characters in this movie do not seem very easy to relate to.

These four women in the show are not likable. People don’t like them, and it hurts the narrative of the show. In the first episode of that show, Yasmin’s life feels very herky-jerky. She seems to be going from good to bad and back again. It is true that this is a real thing for people, but it doesn’t quite feel like it was earned in this show.

But right now, there is nothing about these four characters – and we do not know anything about Shue’s character Anne by the end of the episode – that makes us want to continue watching them. I think that the people in this story are just really funny and don’t think that they are real because there is nothing to show about them. I also do not know what the story is about.

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